Real Time GPS Tracking Device for Cars: How Does It Work Exactly?

 real time GPS tracking devide for cars

There are a number of purposes that a real-time GPS tracking device for cars can be used. For businesses that have a number of company owned vehicles involved, one can keep a tab on every single unit or for families with several vehicles, for their first-time teens or elderly parents. Ensuring that they have arrived at their destination and is safe is a big factor and helps a lot to have a peaceful mind. Also, these GPS tracking devices can be used to track down and recover stolen vehicles.

There are a number of tracking devices available in the market and depending on what one needs and requires, one should do some research work in order to know more about their additional features.

A real-time GPS tracking device for cars is a very simple, yet so effective. It contains a GPS or Global Positioning System transmitter and uses the satellites orbiting around the Earth to give them the correct information with regards to the location. The GPS unit translates this information and converts these into images that the occupant of the vehicle can understand.

The tracking device uses trilateration to determine its exact location. This process requires three different satellites that send their own exact location of the GPS unit, which in turns measures the distance between itself and a satellite. Once the distance from three different satellites has been measured, the GPS unit performs a series of calculation to know its exact location. Some GPS device uses cellular networks instead of satellites.

These tracking devices need clear skies to receive the information from satellites. Dead spots can also be encountered in cellular networks.

The Best Car Tracking Devices

Spark Nano

One of the best real-time GPS tracking devices for cars is the Spark Nano and has been rated as the highest in reviews because it is easy to setup and a very simple web-based interface. It can accommodate a geofence feature, that lets the tracker send out text messages when it is out of its predetermined area. Aside from that, it is easy on the budget, and very easy to track a car via a computer or a smartphone. It is highly recommended for parents with teen drivers.

Zoom back Advanced A-GPS

Another easy to install tracker, the Zoom back can be attached to the vehicle’s battery or use its own. Features like geofences compatible, SMS and email alerts, plus a detailed logged history are the reasons it is highly recommended. A vehicle can be tracked continuously through a website.

Escort Entourage PS

Escort Entourage PS has been a highly regarded GPS tracker by some of the top motoring magazines. This particular model features a live monitoring option, very portable, geofences compatible and can send out an email or text message to a predefined user. A monthly subscription will allow its user to track the location of the vehicles.

There is a lot of options to choose from when it comes to real-time GPS tracking device for cars. Before making any purchase, one should be well aware first of the reason why it is needed.