Managed IT Consulting Firm Alithya predicts a Year of Growth

Based out of Quebec, the largest managed IT consulting firms Toronto gets services from; Alithya, has let public their previous year earnings up to March this year. From six feet away from their published performance report, a clear growth trend can be seen to suggest continued upward motion for a long time coming. From their successful launch and creation of reputation in the market, there has been a 100% growth pattern on an annual basis. The reasons for such smile inducing expansion has been pegged on several factors, among them, acquisitions and partnerships with other strategically positioned companies.

Managed IT Consulting Toronto

Company Performance

The CEO of Alithya, Paul Raymond affirmed the company’s strong performance, citing several deals they had made with like-minded companies in and around the field of IT in order to enhance both sides chances of doing better business for their clients. Getting their company the perfect skills through new talent is also a major reason to their growth. The company of 1200 able employees saw 500 of those coming from the year ended. Although being primarily a solution provider for the canadian market, they have received overwhelming success by extending their antennas out of the borders into new regions successfully.

Perhaps the highlight moment of its acquisition campaign came late last year when they closed the deal with Groupe conseil OSI, this move placed them on the radar as the biggest supplier of IT consultation and solutions in Quebec. This move played twice in favor of them, bringing in rounds of investments from two capital funders, enabling it to achieve a lot that it’s dwarfed competition couldn’t. They aggressively followed merger strategies that seem to have won their bets, and as expected, the number of clients they are now serving are a clear driving force for success.

Their growth should not be mistaken as the capital engineered type that burns out as quickly, if not faster than they are reported, organic expansion through rigorous client serving and acquiring was also a major add to it’s success. Working partnerships with TELUS, Air France, CN and a lot of other well known services providers gave smaller but significant clients to gain confidence in their competence. Another reason why they are easy on the road to exaggerated growth is their locations dotted across Canada. They have offices large enough to dominate service provision in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa and most recently in Vancouver.

2016 has started on a good note for Alithya and all their partners in business, some large working partnerships have resulted in offers of a stake in the successful future it is setting up. More than a thousand new jobs will be made possible through these companies realising rippling success that should be expected to make rings through coming years. With Gartner research and other experts seeing a good year ahead for companies in the IT services sector, news headlines and business columns will not hear enough of the army of partners spearheaded by Alithya services.