Interactive Walls – Bring Drab Walls To Life

interactive walls

Some business establishments use clean white walls to present a modern, clean, and neat appearance. Other establishments, especially those who have space limitations, benefit from the use of mirrors on their walls which provide an illusion of space. But truly forward looking business owners are often more interested in finding a better use for their walls, such as turning them into interactive walls for instance.

What benefits can you derive from installing interactive walls?

Walls are just so passive; they are there to enclose. No matter how hard you try to decorate them, they remain basically devoid of life – until you decide to bring them to life by turning them into spaces where you can interact with your audience, client or target market.

A large video wall immediately provides a better and more complete customer experience. It provides your client the opportunity to fully interact with your company without getting exposed to what many of them consider as unwanted attention from overly aggressive sales personnel. Moreover, an interactive wall presents information in a highly technological yet user-friendly manner sure to inspire awe in the user.

Lively interactive walls help project a positive image of the company. When deployed at strategic locations such as high traffic areas, they focus the attention of passersby on the message they contain. The message can take the form of information about products and services, promotional offers, featured products, and advertising campaigns. Because the message is presented in a dynamic manner which involves interaction with a member of the target market, it is more likely to be retained and acted upon.

When used in an organizational setting, interactive walls improve collaboration among team members, quality of work and service. Communication within an organization is made more efficient as each member is able to use simple touches to input data and commands. This is especially true when the company’s staff is consulted on their requirements during the creation of the programs which make such screens work. Organizations such as the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) are keen to see a better working relationship between IT professionals and their clients.

Interactive video walls are very cost-effective. There is no comparison between a human you have to pay at least minimum wage rates and an interactive wall which can provide the same information at the cost of electrical power to a computer and a touch screen. They even take away the need to print and distribute advertising leaflets, price lists, product specifications, etc.

What Do Interactive Screens Need To Be Effective?

The first thing an interactive wall needs to achieve is to attract interest; without that no interaction is likely to take place. Therefore, it is important to ensure the video and images are shown in the most attention-catching manner. Vivid colors, neat and clean designs, special effects, need to be used liberally. Information and promotions can be presented in the form of games. The screen also has to be able to react fast; nothing blows the wow factor away than a sluggish system.

Do you have a blank wall? Maybe it’s time to consider turning it into an interactive wall.